I Love…


I love the sound of your laugh. 
I love all of the silly, goofy faces you make. 
I love our inside jokes.
I love when we have our giggle fits.
I love the way you look at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. 
I love the little dance you do when you get excited. 
I love that you’ve memorized all the songs to your favourite animes. 
I love sharing everything with you, from books to dreams. 
I love that you like to cook and that we can do that together. 
I hate doing the dishes after, but I love doing them with you. 
I love your drive and your ambition. 
I love that you are a perfectionist. 
I love that you purr and growl when we cuddle. 
I love our amazing full body hugs. 
I love when we are out in the world and I drift just a tad too far from you so you pull me in close. 
I love going on walks with you. 
I love our great talks over breakfast, or any meal. 
I love the trust we have for each other and that we had it from the start. 
I love our ability to talk about anything and everything. 
I love our shared dreams. 
I love our love of adventure. 
I love our plans to travel together. 
I love taking baths together. 
I love our naps and falling asleep on your chest. 
I love the way I fit in your arms, perfectly tucked beneath your shoulder. 
I love kissing you all over and getting your kisses in return. 
I love exploring the city with you. 
I love celebrating with you, holidays or just our milestones. 
I love playing games with you, any type of game. 
I love just laying in bed with you silently, sometimes we don’t need words. 
I love the support we give each other. 
I love the way you smell, it’s intoxicating. 
I love how crazy we are, about each other and also just literally crazy. 
I love having an entire couch and only taking up the tiniest bit of it because we are cuddling so closely. 
I love doing nothing but snacking and binging TV shows all day in our pajamas. 
I love wrapping my legs around you when you pick me up. 
I love when you hug me from behind. 
I love how close is never close enough. 
I love how my chest feels like it is going to burst when we kiss. 
I love how my anxiety and stresses melt away when we are together. 
I love being the first thing you open your eyes to on the weekends. 
I love the sweet, gentle kisses you give me on the forehead. 
I love the drive you instill in me to be the best that I can be. 
I love the way that your thumb caresses mine when we are holding hands. 
I love kissing you on street corners while waiting for the crosswalk to signal. 
I love when you introduce me to things that we can enjoy together. 
I love introducing you to new things that I enjoy. 
I love imagining all the great times we will have together. 
I love remembering all the amazing times we have already had. 
I love sharing music with you. 
I love screaming together because we are both just so happy. 
I love listening to you tell me stories about your past because without them we wouldn’t be here. 
I love being in love with you.

Most of all, I love the way you love me.

Love, Your best friend, C.

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