Cuddle Day #1


Yesterday was the beeeeeeest.

I love our cuddly days. All we did was leave in the morning to grab some Timmies and then it was all cuddles, all day. Morning bed snuggles, anime couch cuddles, and then back to bed for movie cuddles. We watched The Big Lebowski, one of your favourites, and it was great even though I ended up with more questions than answers by the end of it haha.

We made chicken souvlaki for dinner which was SO GOOD. Not to mention we both just love cooking together. It makes the time and process fly by. We always laugh like crazy no matter what we are doing. I just love doing everything with you. We share the same type of humour and we both are insane. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The night ended with us just telling stories to each other about our past and things that we have done. I love listening to your stories and learning about you, which is why I asked you to tell me them. I just got to sit there in your arms looking up at you while you spoke.

I want to know them all. All of your past stories so that I can know how you became the loving, kind, determined, and amazing man that I am lucky to have in my life. I want to nurture your dreams and I want to pick you up and brush you off should you ever fall. I want to be there for all of it and I want to know every detail of what I missed.

Love, Your best friend, C.

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