Our Wonderful Weekend


We did a lot and also simultaneously did nothing. Neither of us could stop smiling, so obviously it was the best.

Let’s start with Friday night. I was downtown already and waiting for you to get off work. I bought some groceries and we made dinner together. I love cooking with you so much. We just work so well together, always supporting and helping each other in all we do. You set up the pans while I do some chopping and then you do some seasoning while I work on a sauce, it all just flows so naturally. It always has for us. So, we ate dinner together and cuddled on the couch while watching some TV.

Then it was time for your stream of Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep, which I watched while cleaning up from dinner. You felt bad, which I knew you would. You feel like you’re ignoring me or not giving me the attention that you should but honestly I don’t mind one bit. I love supporting your dreams and I know this is one of them. I want to do all I can to help you thrive as a streamer and in whatever you wish to do, always. After your stream, we cuddled in bed and watched some more shows. A nice slow ending to the day until we both drifted off to sleep.

Saturday we set the alarm early and we were awake early but we ended up just talking and cuddling until around 10:30. You had mentioned something that I loved… We were just holding each other in bed with the morning sun shining through the window and you told me to imagine that it was a tiny window in our RV. We share a dream to RV across the country and I know we will one day. It will be amazing.

When we finally dragged ourselves from the bed, we went to brunch at School Restaurant. School is #8 on the Toronto Top 50 Brunch Spots by BlogTO and one of our 2019 goals is to go to those first 10. You got the Black and Blue pancakes and a Caesar, I got the Synonym French Toast with bacon and a Juicy Lunch Lady (mimosa) with blood orange juice. School was playing all of my favourite songs from like middle and high school. I couldn’t help but sing and dance. You were amazed at how I knew so many songs. We walked around Liberty Village and made a stop at bulk barn for some snackies, then we headed back to your place for more of our snugglefest.

Before we left for dinner, you made me laugh until my drink came out my nose again. It had been a while, I was overdue. It’s always the smallest thing that gets me too. Anyway, we had dinner at Elephant and Castle and I got the most amazing hot dog I’ve ever had in my life, the Slum Dog. *melts* You got the Caesar wrap and told me a story about how you once ordered it with a side of a Caesar salad and didn’t realize your mistake until it landed on the table in front of you. We then walked over to Sweet Jesus and both got S’mores Hot Chocolates. They were so insanely good, I love burnt marshmallows.

Back at your place we cuddled more in bed. We laughed and joked and talked forever, like always. There was so much love in the room. We were both overflowing, we always are. We decided that we are both just so full of love that we overflow into each other but that just means that we are overflowing into each other and that means we are just still always overflowing! Too much love, you say. I say, it’s never enough.

Love, Your best friend, C.

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