Everything We Do Is Love


We have done some really cool stuff lately and I wanted to write them down but I don’t think I have enough information to make full blogs for each one so I’m just going to write one long blog with all the stuff in it!

Cherry Blossoms in High Park!

We got some really amazingly cute pics of us walking through high park during peak bloom for the cherry blossoms. We had brunch, and you died because it was too early for you to eat. But it was so pretty and we saw all the lovely birds and dogs int he park. I love walking around with you. We just have our hands clasped together tightly or arms around each other. It is the most perfect feeling on this Earth.

Toronto Island Adventures!

We took the ferry over to the island and walked around. It was pretty nice out in the morning but then it got pretty chilly. We did tandem biking which was terrifying and also amazing. I thought at the beginning that we might die but we did pretty good haha. We even made it through the very deep flooding that they had on pretty much all of the roads haha. We also found an EDM concert on the island. Would have been so cool to go but it was about to downpour and our butts were getting sore on the bike so we returned it and then walked through Centerville. We went through the haunted house and then saw all the lovely farm animals before getting in line for the ferry back.

Aladdin times!

We went to go see the new Aladdin. Which, I will admit, was better than I had expected. I think I need to rewatch all of the Disney classics with you. I just wanna sing all the Disney songs with you like we did in the car on the way back from Blue Mountain. And, I really, really, really wanna go to DisneyWorld with you. It is like the biggest need I have. I just want to bop around the park with you holding hands and singing songs and being legitimate children.

Rainy Day Wonderland!

This Saturday we went to Wonderland and it was such a fun time. It started off so sunny and then it legitimately downpoured. It was so cool! We were stuck on a covered bench in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. It was honestly so cool haha. I love that we can have so much fun just being together no matter what we are doing. We booped around the park holding each other and holding hands in the rain until it stopped. Then we rode a few rides and you started to get a handle on what I could manage in a ride and what I couldn’t haha. You rode Yukon Stryker which honestly looks like death. All around an amazing day with you, like always, and we got amazing pics out of it! We need to start a photo album or something haha.

Love, Your best friend, C.

Celebrating You (Chill Vibes ONLY)


Backlog post number 2! Going back to April 27th now, the day we celebrated your beautiful birthday. You told me that you never really celebrated your birthday and that just wasn’t going to fly with me. Firstly, we share a birth week, which is super cool. and, secondly, your birthday is the day that the love of my life was brought into this world and so it is super important to me. From now on, your birthday will always be celebrated. Maybe it will be big, maybe we will go on a trip, or maybe we will just be cuddled up in a cottage on a lake somewhere alone together. But, no matter what, it will always be celebrated, you will always be celebrated. Because you are the most important part of my life and I love you too much.

Before your birthday arrived, I gave you your gift. The Gamecube Ascii controller for Phantasy Star. I love that you’re passionate about gaming and that it makes you excited. Never will that ever be a thing that comes between us like it was for you in the past. I love seeing you get excited about finding an old game at a flea market or a new game trailer that came out. It’s honestly one of the things I love most about you and I want to hear about all your hype forever.

Just as with the holidays, I wanted to keep your birthday super cozy, comfy, and chill. A packed and busy day, but in the most relaxing way. First thing on the list was brunch. And even though it was a bit of a grey day, we hit the 44th floor of the crazy cool Bisha hotel to check out Kost. A bright and sunny, Southern California vibe brunch spot with an amazing view of the CN Tower.

After brunch, we chilled a little bit before heading over to an amazing 3 hour spa experience where we did a joint float tank and then a super long couples massage. It was amazing and so super relaxing. If you forget about the fact that for the next 2 days we were super sore haha. Little did we know that that is how deep massages work.

We had a very little bit of downtime again before we went out to dinner at Miku. I’m not a sushi person, but you love sushi and so sushi it was! Dinner was great. Dinner is always great when we get to share it. Just sitting with you and talking is one of the most amazing things. We can talk about anything and everything and it’s always the best.

After dinner, we rushed over to the movies to watch Avengers Endgame. Which was amazing, and we both cried. But, then again, so did everyone in the entire theatre lol. Like usual, we held hands through the whole movie and squeezed extra hard during the tense times.

After that we went back to your place to finally just be alone and relax. Little did you know, I had one more surprise up my sleeve. I arranged to sleep over, which made you so happy. It is literally my favourite thing ever, so fall asleep in your arms. I love sleeping next to you and waking up with you. This love is amazing and you are amazing and I’m so glad that I get to love and treat you properly. You deserve to be celebrated and loved beyond anything else on this Earth. I’m so lucky to be the one that gets to love you forever.

Love, Your best friend, C.

The Best Birthday


Okay, there’s a bit of a backlog that I need to make up for so over the next couple of days I am going to be SPEED POSTING. Let’s dig in.

We are going to time warp back to April 13th, our celebration of my birthday. Never has anyone put so much time and effort into the celebration of my birthday before.

We hopped in the car early and at first I had no idea where we were going but I was able to piece together that we were heading down to Niagara. We had an amazing IHOP breakfast, yum, and then we walked through town a bit and wound up at the bird sanctuary! I love birds so much. They’re so cute and fluffy and i got to hold a giant heavy parrot baby. We then walked around a bit more, going down to the waterfront and then hitting up an orange julius *drools* before heading back to the car.

That was all part one of my birthday. The next part is what really took me by surprise. We started walking through downtown when we got back to Toronto and then we started walking towards the Rogers. We went to a beautiful spring time baseball game and the Jays won against the Rays. It was a great game and I found out that you actually like baseball! I’m really glad, it’s a nice cheap hobby we can pick up through summer and fall, just for fun.

As far as gifts go, you couldn’t have done any better. You got me a beautiful jacket to start my patch jacket collection. It is amazing!! I couldn’t have picked a better jacket myself. And, I would have never committed to anything haha. You know when to give me the push I need. You also got me an amazing drawing of us in our wintery outfits. I love all these illustrations we have of us in different styles from different times. It makes me so happy and I can’t wait until we have a place of our own to hang them all up along with the amazing pictures of our many adventures. We have so many pictures now and I love all of them. I love seeing your smile and I love that we will have them to look back on in the future. I’ve never liked taking pictures and definitely not with anyone. With you, taking pictures is so natural and so fun. I love how genuinely happy we both look.

This love is the best gift you’ve ever given me. Every birthday will be the best birthday when I celebrate it with you.

Love, Your best friend, C.

The Best Day Ever.


Listen, I know it’s been a while since I wrote but there are just some days when we go to brunch and head back to your place to be lazy bums. Writing about that all the time would be boring because it would literally be the same notes, over and over. This doesn’t mean those dates aren’t important. If anything, I might love those days the most. Just living life with you in the most normal way. Our perfect synergy and just the way that we fit each other’s personality perfectly. But, this day was special and it deserves to be written about.

We woke up early and hit the road north. We were off to Blue Mountain to spend a day in the village. We did something neither of us had ever done before – snowshoeing. Which was super fun even though at the top of the mountain I thought I was going to die from an asthma attack. I was fine once we started to head down the mountain.

The weather could not have been more perfect. It was chilly but not super cold, sunny with some clouds and then perfect little snow flurries now and then. Once we got back to the village, I had my first taste of maple taffy. By the way, I’ve been craving it ever since. You’ve ruined me. We danced. Like crazy people with that guy in the super bright snow onesie lol. We did some shopping in the stores that had some amazing sales. Got some really cute shirts and sweaters. We certainly love our comfy clothes and we definitely have the same aesthetic, as if that wasn’t obvious before.

We waited in line for the mountain coaster and then they shut it down due to snow. But, we walked around the village a bit more and when we went back it was back up and running. That coaster was SO MUCH FUN. Neither of us knew just how high up the mountain it went until we got over that first hump. But, OH MY GOD. There is still so much for us to do up there and I can’t wait to go back in the spring or summer with you. We will need to take adorable pictures there year round. Just like our new favourite picture, the village picture.

The last thing we did was settle into the Irish pub for a snack and hot cocoa before heading back, it was St Paddy’s weekend after all. We sat in a super comfy booth and listened to live music while singing and laughing. It’s so hard to put into words these perfect moments with you. Sitting in that pub was a perfect moment. Just looking at you across the table from me as we both melted into the seats laughing so hard that our laughs turned silent. It’s memories like this that I created this blog for. Years from now, when we are sitting in that pub again while spending a winter vacation week up at our cottage, I want to look across the table at you and remember that first time. I have no doubt that all of our subsequent trips there will be just as amazing and filled with even more wonderful memories. But, I’ll always see you sitting there in that green beanie laughing. Always.

You’re my best friend, my favourite person, the love of my life. And, we are going to fill our lives with wonderful adventures together.

Love, Your best friend, C.

Our First Valentine’s


We are really bad at waiting until holidays to give each other gifts. I suspect that is probably my fault entirely. Whenever I have something I know you’ll love, I just want to give it to you and see you happy. It brings me such joy to know that I make you happy.

Gifts are not important… but man are we good at buying for each other haha. You got us matching Tamagotchi’s which reset every few hours BUT they’re still super cute. And then, the most crazy recreation of a sugar bombs box from fallout! I cannot wait to get my shelf up and display it. I look at it all the time. I got you the cowboy bebop vinyl without knowing that you had been looking at it. Your face lit up and I loved how excited you got. There is nothing in this world that I love more than seeing you happy.

That was all pre-Valentine’s Day. Our actual Valentine’s Day celebration was amazing. We had a nice easy breakfast down the street and then came back to your place for some lovey cuddles. I love being wrapped up in you and just relaxing. I feel so at home whenever we are just with each other. After cuddling it was off to see Alita: Battle Angel which was amazing. I love that we have the same tastes in a lot of things because then it means we can just talk forever about stuff. I loved the slow walk back to your place, stopping in stores and just chatting about the movie.

We ended the celebration of Valentine’s Day with only our second ever fancy date haha. I’m much more of a homebody comfy girl than a dress up and go out one. But, that makes these outings all that more special. We went up the CN Tower to the 360 restaurant and looked over the city, pointing out all the spots we could find. The food was amazing and just getting to be there with you made my heart want to explode. Looking down from the glass floor while holding your hand and being out on the observation level just holding you, nuzzling my head into your shoulder.

This love is the craziest thing I’ve ever felt.

Love, Your best friend, C.

Six Months Of…

  • Kissing you on street corners while waiting for the walk signal.
  • Having the best cooking buddy.
  • Endless cuddles.
  • Exploring new places with you.
  • Creating plans for the future.
  • Dreaming about travels together.
  • The best giggle fits ever.
  • Smiling whenever I think about you.
  • Horror movie marathons.
  • Being so happy just knowing that you exist.
  • Having the most amazing, kind, loving, sweet boyfriend in my life.
  • Thinking I’m the luckiest person alive.
  • Anime and manga sharing.
  • Talking all day, everyday.
  • Knowing we both have someone who cares for us endlessly.
  • Searching for the best brunch spot.
  • The most epic hugs.
  • Vintage scouting together.
  • Pushing each other to be our best.
  • The most amazing support system ever.
  • Not being afraid to share our deepest secrets.
  • Literally screaming because we are so happy.
  • Co-op videogaming online and on the couch.
  • Being our 100% true selves around each other.
  • Ridiculous inside jokes that people would never understand.
  • Being in love with my best friend.

Let’s Get Scientific


I got there and we cuddles a bit and had muffins and coffee before heading down to your car. Your battery died. We called CAA and they jumped the car. Took an hour longer to leave than we thought but I never really mind what we do as long as it’s together.

The car is started and we dropped by Canadian Tire to see what the wait was like for a battery change, it was 2 hours, hard pass. So we go to the Science Centre and walk around, have lunch, get huggy and kissy all over the place. I love kissing you.

Then, it was movie time! Into the Omni theatre to see Pandas, which was adorable. I’ve never wanted a bear as a pet more in my life. Also really made me want to go on a trip to Asia. We whispered about how we would go and you have no idea how happy it makes me to talk about that with you. I literally am on the verge of tears right now just thinking about exploring the world with you. It makes me so happy to just walk down the same roads we have walked a million times.. To get to see the world with you would be a dream come true. New places, wonderful experiences, all with my best friend.

Hold yourself together, C! *breathes*

We left the Science Centre a bit early and I really had no problem with it. I wanted you to get the battery fixed so you didn’t have to worry about it anymore. So we walked around Canadian Tire and looked through condo magazines. Soon enough your car was done and we went back to your place and ordered dinner. Then it was just a lot of cuddling and kissing. I started to fall asleep so we went to bed and napped before I left for home.

The best part is, I don’t have to wait long to see you! I’ll be sleeping over Tuesday night and I’ve already put together a plan for what to make for dinner. I can’t wait to see you again, my love.

Love, Your best friend, C.

I Want to do EVERYTHING with You Pt. 2


Short term stuff always seems the most possible, day trips and other fun things to do around the city. We always have the most fun when we are together, no matter what we are doing. This list will probably take us a long time to get through because I feel like a lot of the time we just want to spend really quality time together and sometimes that is hard to do when you are surrounded by strangers exploring somewhere, whether it be a cute little main street, a beach, or a museum. I love exploring with you. I love experiencing new things with you. I love building these memories with you.







Love, Your best friend, C.

I Want to do EVERYTHING with You Pt. 1


There isn’t one thing that I can imagine doing that would not be made better by having you with me. So, I’m going to make a list. This is going to be split into 3 parts: Food, Short Term, and Long Term. Short term in this case is going to be places in and around Toronto for day trips. Long term is going to be weekend trips, places that require an overnight stay or longer. Let’s get LISTICAL! 


Love, Your best friend, C.

WWA : What We Ate #1


We tend to be REALLY forgetful. So, here is what we ate and where we ate it. This way we can remember to try out new places.

Friday Dinner: We made rosemary pork chops, mashed sweet potatoes, and balsamic brussel sprouts. We split a pear cider that was WAY too strong and neither of us really drank it. We should have opened the wine… ANYWAY… for dessert you had a blue velvet cheesecake from Longos (actually blueberry but they called it blue velvet) and I had the red velvet cheesecake. We also snacked really hard on dried coconut.

Saturday Brunch: School Restaurant – You had a Caesar to drink and I had the Juicy Lunch Lady (mimosa) with Blood Orange juice. Your Caesar was really spicy but had candied bacon and beans in it. My JLL was super soup but very cute. A little small for the price, I would say. You had the Black and Blue pancakes which had blackberries and blueberries on top. I had the Synonym French Toast which was super thick and fluffy with dulce de leche and a cream cheese sauce, covered in cinnamon toast crunch. I also got a side of the candied bacon, couldn’t just let you have all the fun! And, I’m so glad I did. That bacon was amazing!

Saturday Dinner: We went out to Elephant and Castle. We got the Hummus appetizer to start and it was AMAZING, needed more Naan though. You got the Caesar wrap with poutine and I got the Slum Dog with poutine. The Slum Dog was amazing. I swear to god I had a dream about it last night. Who thinks to cover a hot dog in panko breadcrumbs, fry it, then cover that in tikka masala sauce and grilled onions and then wrap it in garlic naan? It’s screwed up! And it’s amazing. For dessert, we went to Sweet Jesus and got s’mores hot cocoa. Burnt Marshmallows are a language we both speak fluently.

Snacks: Coconut chunks, rockets, gummy worms, Hershey hugs, lemon Greek yogurt.

Thank god you love food as much as me.

Love, Your best friend, C.

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