Six Months Of…

  • Kissing you on street corners while waiting for the walk signal.
  • Having the best cooking buddy.
  • Endless cuddles.
  • Exploring new places with you.
  • Creating plans for the future.
  • Dreaming about travels together.
  • The best giggle fits ever.
  • Smiling whenever I think about you.
  • Horror movie marathons.
  • Being so happy just knowing that you exist.
  • Having the most amazing, kind, loving, sweet boyfriend in my life.
  • Thinking I’m the luckiest person alive.
  • Anime and manga sharing.
  • Talking all day, everyday.
  • Knowing we both have someone who cares for us endlessly.
  • Searching for the best brunch spot.
  • The most epic hugs.
  • Vintage scouting together.
  • Pushing each other to be our best.
  • The most amazing support system ever.
  • Not being afraid to share our deepest secrets.
  • Literally screaming because we are so happy.
  • Co-op videogaming online and on the couch.
  • Being our 100% true selves around each other.
  • Ridiculous inside jokes that people would never understand.
  • Being in love with my best friend.

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