Everything We Do Is Love


We have done some really cool stuff lately and I wanted to write them down but I don’t think I have enough information to make full blogs for each one so I’m just going to write one long blog with all the stuff in it!

Cherry Blossoms in High Park!

We got some really amazingly cute pics of us walking through high park during peak bloom for the cherry blossoms. We had brunch, and you died because it was too early for you to eat. But it was so pretty and we saw all the lovely birds and dogs int he park. I love walking around with you. We just have our hands clasped together tightly or arms around each other. It is the most perfect feeling on this Earth.

Toronto Island Adventures!

We took the ferry over to the island and walked around. It was pretty nice out in the morning but then it got pretty chilly. We did tandem biking which was terrifying and also amazing. I thought at the beginning that we might die but we did pretty good haha. We even made it through the very deep flooding that they had on pretty much all of the roads haha. We also found an EDM concert on the island. Would have been so cool to go but it was about to downpour and our butts were getting sore on the bike so we returned it and then walked through Centerville. We went through the haunted house and then saw all the lovely farm animals before getting in line for the ferry back.

Aladdin times!

We went to go see the new Aladdin. Which, I will admit, was better than I had expected. I think I need to rewatch all of the Disney classics with you. I just wanna sing all the Disney songs with you like we did in the car on the way back from Blue Mountain. And, I really, really, really wanna go to DisneyWorld with you. It is like the biggest need I have. I just want to bop around the park with you holding hands and singing songs and being legitimate children.

Rainy Day Wonderland!

This Saturday we went to Wonderland and it was such a fun time. It started off so sunny and then it legitimately downpoured. It was so cool! We were stuck on a covered bench in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. It was honestly so cool haha. I love that we can have so much fun just being together no matter what we are doing. We booped around the park holding each other and holding hands in the rain until it stopped. Then we rode a few rides and you started to get a handle on what I could manage in a ride and what I couldn’t haha. You rode Yukon Stryker which honestly looks like death. All around an amazing day with you, like always, and we got amazing pics out of it! We need to start a photo album or something haha.

Love, Your best friend, C.

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